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eLime will help you and your business overcome any IT or Brand obstacle! We have the backing and knowledge to implement the correct products and solutions that will help you soar. We hand-pick solutions just for you so they suit your needs and will fit your business. Rest assured eLime will get you headed in the right direction and be in the sidecar with you the whole way! Your business will run much smoother with your productivity tools and services managed by one IT company that knows your business. eLime has you covered with our Remote Computer Support plans, which can fully manage your business 24/7/365 (and home too). We don’t leave your brand untouched either! Your web presence will also be top-notch, whether it is website hosting, website design, rebranding, or any other design need. 

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We offer remote IT support along with several managed IT services that will suit any business’s needs. eLime will make sure your computers stay up to date, don’t go anywhere they shouldn’t, and are always protected. We are here to assist when you need us (the most). We handle all of these tasks with fully managed Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Ransomware, and Remote Control clients. This allows your computer(s) to be completely up to date and if something was to happen, we’d be notified right away.

Check out our Remote IT Support and Managed IT service plans today or give us a call at 720.285.3362. We look forward to discussing your needs and finding the right solution for your business or even your home enviroment.

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