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eLime Design specializes in:

01. web design
02. graphic design & branding
03. web site hosting
04. wordpress support
05. photologo

About eLime:


eLime Design Studio was first known as Sites By E back in 2004. Eric Schrader first created Sites By E Web Design in Benkelman, Nebraska, as a High School business class project. Erics’ first customer was the Benkelman Chamber of Commerce. As Sites By E continued to grow throughout the years, Eric decided he wanted to pursue Web and Graphic Design after High School, and the name changed to eLime Design Studio. This was roughly around 2007, while Eric was attending Northeastern Junior College to earn his Associates degree in Graphic Design. 

Eric kept the name as it is as his business continued to grow throughout college and afterward. eLime Design is known throughout the small business industry, and the non-profit world as those are the primary businesses Eric caters too. Eric is very knowledgeable when it comes to Design and is willing to go the extra mile to help the client achieve their goals.

Most of Erics’ designs are modern with a flare of old school creativity. Eric is exceptionally versed when it comes to the computer and I.T. worlds. He spends his day as a System Administrator for local government and nights supporting his eLime clients. 

You may also hear eLime Design Studio referred to as eLime or eLime Design for short.

As of 2011, eLime is located in Parker, Colorado (south Denver).

Values and Principles

1) Collaborate

6) Take Ownership

2) Listen

7) Not Afraid to Fail

3) Embrace Technology

8) Be Creative

4 Embrace Change

9) Lead by Example

5 Be Passionate

10) Work Hard

We’re ready to bring the most complex projects to life!

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